Terms and Conditions

Menzies Acceptable Goods for Carriage

As a customer of Menzies Distribution, any freight you wish to transport through our delivery network must conform to our conditions of carriage outlined below.

Acceptable Freight: Weight

Although we understand that our customers may have large consignments from time to time, Menzies procedure requires that all freight is restricted to a maximum weight of 30Kgs per item, with no overall restrictions per consignment. Should you require a larger consignmentMenzies Distribution can offer a specific pallet rate on request.

Acceptable Freight: Size

Menzies will NOT transport any freight over the length of 2.05 meters (including packaging).

Acceptable Freight: Packaging

As goods may travel through an extensive network system, all goods must be packaged so as to avoid damage both to themselves, and to other consignments. Outlined below are the most important aspects to consider when packaging a parcel for shipment:

Boxes should be taped shut in a way adequate to contain and support the weight of the goods inside.

Avoid any sharp edges or corners which may damage other consignments or any person handling them.

We will not transport any bare metals that are not completely wrapped. Any items with exposed bare metal will be refused until properly packaged.

Fragile goods should be packed in layers of bubble wrap, polystyrene bobbles or similar in order to protect them from any impact they may receive in transport. The goods should also be clearly labeled with FRAGILE tape or stickers.

Goods Not Accepted By Menzies

It should be noted that Menzies will not carry any dangerous goods or substances of any kind. Any freight deemed in violation of The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2007, will be refused.

  • Air Rifles of any description including paintball guns
  • Firearms of any description including modern type and antiques
  • Replica or realistic imitation firearms of any description
  • De-Activated or display firearms of any description
  • Mattresses of any size in plastic covers
  • Bikes (unless fully boxed) – cardboard shrouds are not acceptable
  • Car and Vehicle parts, second hand or new, which are not boxed
  • Any exposed metal of any kind
  • Furniture – unless in flat pack form that does not exceed the weight parameters
  • Worktops and boards requiring a two person lift either by weight or dimension size
  • Flowers, plants, trees or other similar items that are not fully boxed.
  • Large lengths and rolls of bubble wrap or insulation products.

Menzies Distribution carries all goods under the Road Haulage Association Terms and Conditions and thus offers limited liability cover of £13 per Kilo, unless otherwise stated. Subject to a standard £50 excess on all claims. The following goods are not covered under our limited liability:

Goods Not Covered Under our Liability Cover

  • Money/Money Orders
  • Bullion
  • Living Creatures
  • Cheques
  • Ceramics
  • Stamps
  • Precious Metals
  • Precious Stones
  • Jewellery
  • Watches
  • Antiques
  • Works of Art
  • Glass
  • Wines & Spirits
  • Tobacco
  • Perishables/Consumables
  • Furs
  • Pottery
  • Plasma Screens
  • Securities/Bonds


Perishable Goods

Although all perishable goods are carried at the owners risk, if it is deemed our failure to deliver a perishable parcel within the allocated delivery time (through an internal mis-sort/ms-route) Menzies Distribution will automatically upgrade the delivery to a next day, pre 12pm service FREE OF CHARGE (If this service is available). We can not cover the cost of any damage to perishable goods as these are not covered under our liability cover and thus carried at your own risk.

Goods with Limited Liability

  • Mobile Telephones
  • Computers